American Eagle Silver Coin

A Quarter Ounce American Eagle Gold Coin Awarded to Men and Women Champions of the 72, 48, 24 Hour Events.
Runner-ups - 7 one ounce Silver American Eagles,
Third place - 3 one ounce Silver American Eagles.

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Silver Lake Marina

Venue Details For
The UltraCentric Gold Rush

The UltraCentric Gold Rush is held in a beautiful private park located in Silver Lake Marina on Lake Grapevine. Silver Lake Marina’s address, 2500 Fairway Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051, just minutes from DFW International Airport.

The amenities included with all entries are; park admission, parking, and camping. All amenities included are also extended to the participants crew members, friends, and families. he park is exclusively reserved for the UltraCentric, access is granted as often as desired the duration of our event: Wednesday, Nov. 16th through Sunday, Nov. 20th.

The UltraCentric course is a.51 mile asphalt paved loop, in clockwise direction. The turns are subtle, and gradual, so the clockwise direction will remain constant the duration of event. The course has USATF Certification Code TX15110ETM (download pdf document).

The course encompasses your camping, restrooms, and aid station. Event provided light towers illuminate the entire course, however you may use additional personal lights if you choose to.

The aid station is fully maintained, for the duration of all events providing the Ultra community's most knowledgeable and helpful volunteers.

Plenty of hot, fresh food provided; no personal crew necessary! With shorter events beginning later, fresh feet are always pushing the pace.

Registration Cost & Deadlines

Entry Cost For Events and Deadlines for 2016
RACE Thru 03/31 Thur 06/30 thru 10/31 11/1 thru 11/16
6 Hour $120 $140 $160 $195
12 Hour $140 $160 $180 $220
24 Hour $160 $190 $220 $265
48 Hour $260 $310 $360 $435
72 Hour $350 $430 $500 $600

Map to Silver Lake Marina

Silver Lake2500 Fairway Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051

The loop is “SUNFISH DRIVE”, .5 Mile loop, none of the appendages, road is closed to traffic, only participants, their friends, family/crew will be permitted in park. The Park will be closed to all, EXECPT The UltraCentric participants & those invited by them.

You may sent up your tent anywhere inside park you care to, including INSIDE event loop.

You may park anywhere inside park you care to EXECPT
on the “Sunfish Drive” ½ Mie Loop (Event Course)

You may enter/exit the park as you care.


There are a number of hotels in the area, click here for a full list of your choices.

Emergency Medical Care

Emergency Medical Care is available in close proximity to Silver Lake Marina, click here for a list and addresses.

Shopping and Restaurants

Click here for a list of area shopping and dining locations.